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camgirls His NCOs were checking travel documents and identity cards at the exits while Klaus prowled the platform looking for victims and when he saw the delightful young creature striding confidently down the platform he grinned evilly.

He scrambled to place himself directly in front of her and held out his hand and gave her his most charming smile. He was a handsome man, tall and resplendent in his Wehrmacht uniform, his chest bedecked with medal ribbons, most of which he hadn’t earned.

“Papers please Fraulein?” he asked politely in German.

camgirls “Madame, please sir. I am married and I am French,” she corrected him and returned his smile.

She rummaged in her purse and produced her French National Identity card issued by the Vichy government and German travel documents approving her to travel to her final destination at Calais.

camgirls Klaus made a show and postured himself importantly as he scrutinised her documents while the young woman waited patiently. The documents had been checked many times during her journey and she was confident that they would pass another inspection.

Klaus tucked the documents into his pocket and took a clipboard from under his arm. It held photographs and wanted posters of suspected spies, escapees, and collaborators. He flicked through them quickly knowing full well that there was nothing there that even vaguely matched the description of this pretty young lady.

camgirls “You will have to accompany me to my office Madame,” he leered at her.

His modus operandi was to intimidate and bully his prey.

“Is there something wrong with my papers?” the woman asked self-assuredly.

camgirls Klaus’ smile slipped from his face, replaced by a scowl. He was not used to such impertinence from a foreigner, especially a young woman.

He took her elbow in a firm grip and led her down the platform to his small office. Some in the crowd turned to watch but most kept their eyes averted knowing not to become involved.

“You’re hurting me Major,” the woman said indignantly.

Klaus ignored her and pushed her inside the door to his office and locked it behind him.

“Take a seat please,” his demeanour changed now that he had her where he wanted her.

Date: January 3, 2021
Actors: callie calypso