Cafucu exibindo no quintal She Goes Down On Her Tasty College


Cafucu exibindo no quintal I was driving my restored 78 Chevrolet Scottsdale. It was black with flames down the side.

“Nice truck.” Allison said as she slid in and over beside me on the bench seat.

“I expected scrubs,” I said as she got in.

She smiled, making sure I noticed her long slender legs.

“Right here.’’ she said pointing to her shoulder bag.

“Where to?” I asked.

“Somewhere quiet and secluded.” Allison responded, leaning closer.

“How about I pick up a bottle of wine, drive out in the country and listen to the radio while watching the stars?”

Cafucu exibindo no quintal “Awesome!” Leaning her her head on my shoulder.

I felt myself getting aroused as her subtle perfume filled my nostrils. I wondered what her attraction to me was.

“I never have any luck dating guys my own age. I always feel better with older guys.” She whispered, kissing my cheek.

I stopped and got a bottle of white wine and a couple of glasses, before heading out to the country, listening to classic rock and roll on the radio. Allison took my arm and put it around her shoulders Cafucu exibindo no quintal resting my hand on her firm breast as she snuggled closer.

My cock was in full erection in my shorts. Allison began squeezing it as we drove. I was both confused and pleased.

Allison had been over often but never let on she was interested. I fantasized about fucking her, and cumming on her face as I fucked my wife many times, but she never gave me a second look.

I pulled down by the river parked and put my speakers on the roof. I opened the tailgate and rolled back the cover of the bed of the truck. We noticed a foamy and pillows in the back. I had just purchased the Cafucu exibindo no quintal truck and had no idea they were there.

“ Prepared for a sleep over, I see.” Winking.

Date: July 26, 2020