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mom pov I released the girls and slowly pulled the hem of my robe to my waist. Now anyone passing by the table was none the wiser as my upper torso was still covered. “Much better,” Mandy stated. Her slim fingers located the fly of my boxers and gently extracted my hard cock and began to jerk me off again. She stared at Terri and I for a minute before her head disappeared toward my lap.

mom pov A second later I felt her talented tongue begin to run circles around my swollen head. Her soft lips began to kiss every inch of my shaft before she slowly took it her mouth. Terri and I kissed as Mandy gently sucked me off. Now I’ve had blow jobs before, but none this good. I reminded Terri again that I had a room with a king sized bed and again she nixed the idea of leaving.

mom pov Between the exotic perfume and Terri’s sweet kisses it didn’t take me long before I was ready to cum. I managed to tell them between gritted teeth that I was ready to shoot. Mandy responded by increasing the speed of her sucking while Terri commenced to spur me on. “Don’t hold back. He can take it,” Terri coaxed. A second later my whole body shook and I lost my load in Mandy’s sweet mouth. Mandy sat up and, very lady like, wiped her mouth. “This was her Halloween wish.

mom pov She wanted to go out all femmed up and do some guy in the bar,” Terri continued. Maybe it was all the Jagermeister I had consumed but I found myself turning towards Mandy and taking her in my arms. I planted a kiss on her soft lips as my hand gently rubbed the full breasts under her bralette. Mandy moaned softly as my hand moved downward over her flat belly down to her crotch. There I found a small but very hard cock hidden under the thong panties.

mom pov I gently grasped it and was awarded with another whispered moan. “Are you sure I can’t convince you ladies to join me in my room?” I asked when I released Mandy. Terri leaned into me and place a long lingering kiss on me. “We were hoping you’d join us in our room. We have everything there we need to freshen up. The only condition is that you have to do Mandy first,”

mom pov she said softly. “Deal,” was all I said. The girls left and I sat there and waited as they instructed. I argued with myself that I just received a blow job from a guy and had agreed to fuck her as her buddy watched. Now If anyone found out it could be the end of my career. Strange as it seems I had no desire to leave. It was shorly after 11:30 PM that I found myself knocking on the door of their room.Β  #cersei #mompovfull #dutiful #povjoi #baddaddypov #youngboobs #wikisex #cassidyklien #gameofthroneslannister

Date: April 21, 2019