Brunette Teen Student Fucks Teacher & Her Husband For Grades


Brunette Teen Student Fucks I went to the hotel to meet them but only Anuj was there we hugged each other and moved inside the room it was a very large room with a large bed and I knew the purpose of that bed..  So I gave a smile to Anuj and asked for the total number of boys with him…   He kept quiet and pulled me into the bed and said gently 4  excluding me..  I was like OMG   I ll die please not these many..  He said we made 2 groups for you of 3 3 men and you ll choose in which you want to got first
Brunette Teen Student Fucks Me – how can it be 3 3  you said 5
He- the manager is our friend and he wants to taste you
I was ok with all this but the real fear began for me when anuj planted a kiss on my lips and pulled me near to him and after kissing he gave me two pieces of paper it was written team a and b and I choose B  I feared who gonna break the door and come and then came the manager
Brunette Teen Student Fucks Manager- we ll love to have you gorgeous get ready
And handed me a dress which was barely covering my ass and my boobs we’re too tightly packed approximately 40% of my boobs were visible
Anuj left me and warned me that he join me so wait for him
As soon as he moved out of the room  one tall muscular man came from the door and followed by him more two..
Brunette Teen Student Fucks They asked my name and fucked me like anything

Brunette Teen Student Fucks I was scared my  hearbeat was increasing i wanted to get into my knees and take their dicks into my mouth but as I thought nothing happened such thing they were too gentle and sweet and handsome..  I loved them totally then our small conversation started

Man 1:  what’s your age

Me:  sir 18

Man3:  you are too young for gangbang

Man 2:  how many times have you been into group sex

Man1:  will you be our slut for tomorrow too?? 

Date: June 30, 2020