breeding Skinny teen Jenna Haze gives in to pantie fetish


breeding Hold on. Have a sit. I need to have small talk with you.”

Oh my, it was not good. I don’t spend that much time in his office. Because, of the obvious reason. Man is just too hot for me. I don’t know how to flirt, how to tease, and he looks like totally opposite person. I sat in front of him and gave a quick look.

“Yes, Mr. Big?”

breeding “You work for me quite a long time, and I don’t think I know your name. What’s your name? And I already apologize for it. Here, have some hot tea and cookies. I know you hungry.”

“My name is Jessica, but you can call me Jess. Thank you, for the food”. I wanted to reject the food, but was too scared my empty stomach will reveal me. Cookies were amazing, and hot tea was just right temperature.

“Well, I’m gonna raise your salary. And I wanna small favor from you today. Can you help me?”

breeding “Sure, I’ll help you. And what kind of favor?” Cookies were so great, that my brain turned off for a second.

“I want to play with you one game. Truth or dare. Do you know about this game?”

“I think I do. In college I saw people playing this game. Always wanted to try, but were too shy.” I was very interested about my current condition. I was not afraid of him anymore. I was so relaxed, and not as shy, as before. Maybe it was some kind of relaxing tea?

breeding Man was watching her very carefully. He had plan, and he followed that plan. For a quite a long time he wanted to fuck her. Such an irony. New girl almost every day and he wanted to fuck his very shy secretary. He saw how shy she was. It was so cute. There were no need to give her hot lo

Date: October 2, 2020
Actors: jenna haze