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Blonde Girlfriend Holly kissed the patch of skin that was shaved just above my vagina. Then she spread my legs kissing each one up to the knee as she moved it. Her mouth moved back down and hovered about my pussy. I was so wet already and her breath on me made it even more so. Her tongue darted out and hit my clit. I jumped from the sudden sensation. That was all the encouragement Holly needed. She planted her mouth on my aching sex. She lapped and sucked like a hungry animal. I soon found myself squirming on the bed. It did not take me long to hit my orgasm. Out of instinct, I grabbed Holly’s head and held it as I came bucking and screaming. It was amazing. Blonde Girlfriend

Blonde Girlfriend As my climax subsided, I let Holly go. I couldn’t believe I had done that. She moved back up to me and kissed me with my juices on her lips and tongue. This was another first for me and I loved it! Holly, held me and caressed me again. “Did you like that?” she asked with a smile. Out of breath I could only nod.

Blonde Girlfriend A few moments went by I regained my composure. I smiled at Holly and she smiled back. I placed my hand on her face and kissed her. I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. “Can I try that on you?” I asked like an inquisitive beginner. Holly, nodded and laid on her back. I moved on top and started by kissing her breasts as she did mine.

Blonde Girlfriend Holly squealed when I took her nipple into my mouth. I sucked it like a greedy child as I massaged her other breast. Then I switched. After several moments, I moved down her body. I tried to mimic her movements from earlier and was rewarded by her spreading her legs for me. I tried to kiss her legs like she had mine but suddenly her hand landed on my head and guided me strait to her pussy. The scent of her arousal made my mind go blank. Instinct took over again and I dove into her sex.

Blonde Girlfriend I lapped just as hungrily as she had. The taste of her juices made my own flow again. I probed her lips and found her clit. I licked it back and forth wildly. Holly began bucking and screaming. “Oh God! Robin! Yes!”

Blonde Girlfriend I continued my actions as she gasped and moaned more and more. Her climax was soon upon her. She too thrashed against the bed as it hit. Her moans turned into partial sentences then into fragments as she tried to convey what she was feeling. I felt her cum on my face as if she had ejaculated like a man. Another first for me but a welcome one. I halted my assault as her climax subsided and moved back up to her just as she had done earlier. Out of breath, she smiled and kissed me.

Date: May 29, 2020
Actors: alexa grace