Blonde babe (Riley Reyes) has a sensual evening with (Damon Dice)


Blonde babe I jumped in the back seat and Jane slid in next to me. I told the driver where we were going and we took off. Before I even had the address complete Jane had undone my zip, pulled my cock out and started wanking me. My pre-cum was oozing again. Jane whispered in my ear

‘I want to suck you and lick you clean.’

Joking I said to the driver

‘Can you slow down a bit? My girl has never given me head in a cab before and she wants to give it a go. I will tip you for it.’

Blonde babe The driver grinned

‘You don’t have to tip me but I would like to watch and leave the camera recording.’

Jane went straight down and sucked my soaked cock head licking all the pre-cum off then filled her mouth so her lips were right down at the base – not a bad effort as I have a rather long thick cock.

Blonde babe She positioned herself laying on the back seat sucking me fast and furious. Holding her hair out of the way gave way to holding her head and fucking her face as I could feel the pressure rising.

‘Do you get many customers like this?’ I asked.

‘No’ replied the cabbie ‘I’ve heard about it but never have experienced it’ he replied breathlessly. I’m sure he was tugging his meat in time with my cock disappearing down Jane’s throat.

v Blonde babe I told Jane to roll over and to lift her dress up. I knew her beautiful bald pussy would not be covered. She lifted her dress to show me her pussy glistening with juice.  I told her to play as she sucked and her finger went straight to her clit without hesitation. Her mouth continued to work on my cock and I laid back and just let the sensations envelop me.

Date: July 1, 2020
Actors: riley reyes