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As she pleads with her eyes and tries to stand still the man in front of her is replaced by yet another tormenter from the audience. He will be #3 -He approaches and starts to whip her sensitive clit with a small flogger. Each strike brings a moan of both pain and pleasure as her cunt spasms and drools and her nipples are pulled mercilessly by the clamps. Finally it stops and she sags against her bonds but only blonde aunt for a moment before stretching back onto herpretty little toes as the rope digs deep into her cunt.
The crowd applauds her struggles as the man in front of her begins to lightlty stroke his fingers from her untouched asshole up her cunt lips and onto her clit. She is beyond caring but thinks to herself at least they cant see my asshole twitching every time he touches it. Suddenly the finger very gently probes her blonde aunt asshole and she finds her body trying to thrust down in an effort to impale herself… but every attempts only causes the crotch rope to dig deeper and her nipples to be jerked taut with the effort. Her clit is throbbing her cunt is leaking cum and she can feel her cunt hole gaping and twitching as it pulses opening and closing. dgdfg dgdfg
Just as suddenly as it entered the finger in her asshole is gone. Fratically she thrashes and wiggles blonde aunt needing some kind of  release as the men watching again applaude. He stands looking into her eyes as she pleads and drools sweat pouring from her be

Date: September 30, 2020
Actors: lauren phillips