The Unlucky Couple

The Unlucky Couple
The Unlucky Couple

The Unlucky Couple After covid we planned to go for a long distance tour. As usual my daughter Ira did not come with us, she stayed at her friend’s home. My wife Antara came with me. We travelled by train for 40 hours, then from there we took a car and reached our destination. We booked our hotel room for 12 days. On the very first day we went outside the hotel and enjoyed the small hills in the middle of the sea and drove on the sea water.

The Unlucky Couple On the second day we met with a lady who was the sister of Antara’s friend. Her name was RUPA. Antara met me with her. They both were very happy to see. Rupa was 6 years younger than us. She became a government officer. Her main work was to prevent human trafficking mainly girls and child. We came to know from Rupa that she was on a mission to catch the main leader. However Rupa looked a little thin but she was a powerful lady.

The Unlucky Couple We went along with her for just 10 minutes in a steamer or launch. We all the public were enjoying the evacuated island. On the way back, a gang of 5 people, all were male, stopped us to enter our launch. All the people entered except the three. Within 10 minutes the launch disappeared without taking us. Antara was so scared. She already had a lot of experience of having gangbang like this situation.

The Unlucky Couple After the launch disappeared they blindfolded us and tied our hands at the backside. They took us to their place. On the way, those people loudly applauded whenever they touched Antara and Rupa’s boobs and belly. I understood that in spite of being blindfolded.

The Unlucky Couple After 15 minutes of walking they stopped us and unfolded our blindfold. We saw a beautiful bungalow in the middle of the island. They pushed us into the main door to enter the house. We saw a lot of young girls and double the male person inside the house. There were some little girls also. All the people saw us and it seemed they were very happy to see Rupa.

The Unlucky Couple Some people came to us and started to tie us with a hanging rod in the middle of them. All of our hands were tied up and our legs were tied with the bottom at an angle. Most of the people saw at Antara. They wanted to sex with her. Some people ordered them to stop their desire, they also participated but after their king. Who was the king?

The Unlucky Couple But they tore our dresses. Antara and Rupa were standing with bras and panties whereas I had only underwear. The king came into us. He was also so great looking. There were five women surrounding him. All the people stood up after the king arrived. He untied me and ordered me to sit with the other public. It was like we were in the audience.

The Unlucky Couple Then he came in front of those ladies. He first saw Rupa and then saw Antara. He loudly said to them ‘What do you like to do with them? However I kept her (Antara) for 3 days. Now I am going to fuck these woman (Jaya).’

The Unlucky Couple He stood beside tied Rupa and stripped her naked. For the first time I saw Rupa’s vagina and little big breasts. She tried to talk something but before that King closed her mouth with his hand palm. He fingered into her vagina from behind. Then he spitted on her vagina and inserted his long erect penis inside her vagina hole. By one hand he grabbed her both boobs and fucked her rapidly in The Unlucky Couple front of us. Antara was looking at them. I thought she would be his next. During that time King asked her ‘After me they will going to fuck you. How dare you arrest me!!!! I changed the situation. Choose 5 person from here who will fucked you.’ Rupa indicated some people to fuck her. Then King also choose 5 more people to fuck Rupa. Total 10 people will going to fuck her simultaneously.

The Unlucky Couple But he was fucking Rupa for more than 20 minutes. After 20 minutes he cummed in her vagina. After that one woman collected his semen from her vagina and kept it aside. Then they united Rupa. Some of the people bought a bed in the middle. They pushed her in the bed. Rupa tried to escape from there but there were so many people to hold her. She was unable to save herself from them. Already 5 to 6 people were holding her body parts. Then they started to fuck her one by one.

The Unlucky Couple In the meantime King lastly saw my wife. He inserted his one hand in her bra and fondled her boobs and by one hand he inserted his finger in her vagina. But he did not strip her. He said ‘I kept the best thing for a long time that’s why I did not fuck you in front of them. I will enjoy you along with my other wife.’ He untied her and started to kiss her lips. His soft long penis touched Antara’s navel and lower abdomen. After kissing he took her inside the room with those 5 women.

The Unlucky Couple I was nervous about my wife. I did not know what he did with her. Those 10 people continue to fuck Rupa. I was standing with the other persons and saw Rupa being fucked by them. Suddenly one of them ordered me to fuck Rupa. He said to my ear ‘I know you are not a government employee. Your wife will be fucked by him for these lady. You can fuck her for this.’ Then he pushed me in front of Rupa. I did not want to fuck her but they started to handjob my penis and when it erected they inserted my dick in Rupa’s vagina. I slowly fucked her. Rupa did not move her body as 2 people held her hands and 2 people held her legs tightly on the bed. I fucked her only for 7 minutes in front of them. After I finished they pushed me beside her.

The Unlucky Couple Then our lunch arrived in the room. They were fucking Rupa along with having lunch. They gangbanged her for 5 hours. But my mind was concerned about my wife. In the evening suddenly one of the women said loudly that my wife was missing and ordered us to find her. They left Rupa naked and went outside to find my wife.

Then the woman came to me and told me to go away from here with Rupa. She gave Rupa a dress to wear. She arranged a boat for us. She also informed us that my wife had already arrived in the safe area but she had been raped by the King. We entered the boat and it departed that island.

On the way I did not contact with Rupa as I along with them fucked her. But Rupa apologized to me as for her reason my wife being raped. The day was totally full of tension. After the arrival of the land we went to our hotel room within 30 minutes. I hugged my wife Antara in front of Rupa.

The Unlucky Couple Antara described to us what happened to her. King went inside with Antara. He sat her on the bed with other wife. They ate some food. King asked Antara some questions. He was satisfied with her answers. Then he opened her bra and panty. He started to suck her vagina a long time. Antara was also starting to feel hot. The other women who were his wife also joined in this. They were massaging her boobs and her whole body. King touched her whole body with his long dick. Then he inserted his dick inside Antara’s vagina. She felt little pain as his dick was so thick. All women were seeing his dick inside her vagina. He fucked her just 5 to 7 minutes but then she felt urinating. That’s why King left her in the bathroom. Then one incident happened. One of the women helped her to escape from there. She took her on the boat near the sea and returned. Before leaving she gave her a saree. Antara returned back wearing a saree but without a bra and panties.

The Unlucky Couple However after her description of return back Rupa said that my wife was lucky as she was being fucked by one and only King but Rupa was being gangbanged. They took us as we were with Rupa. They noticed Rupa with us and kidnapped us along with her. They were wrong to think of us as Government officers. We returned back from there before our vacation ended.

The Unlucky Couple After 45 days Rupa informed us that she was pregnant despite taking the pill. However, Antara was not pregnant as King did not ejaculate inside her vagina. But I thought us like a unlucky person whose wife being wrongly fucked by someone. Antara told me not to tell this incident to our daughter Ira.