Mother and Son Intimacy Chapter I

Mother and Son Intimacy Chapter I
Mother and Son Intimacy Chapter I

Mother and Son Intimacy Chapter I

Welcome to the sexual realm of our forbidden fantasy.




All of us sometimes have reactions that are taboo in our society.




Just like when we see a sensual woman, we think, if I had her as my mother, I would have sex with her day and night. When I see a sexy girl, I feel like if I had her as my sister, I would fuck her day and night. Wouldn’t I be happy if I could make many such girls as wives, girlfriends or aunts, mothers-in-law and fuck them.




But this is not possible due to some obstacles in our society.




And this is the sexual realm of our forbidden imagination. There are no obstacles here. Here you can take any girl according to your choice in the forbidden sex position of your choice, and get that extreme pleasure of fucking in the style of your heart.




Now you put your desired woman or girl in your most favorite forbidden form. And wandering into the forbidden sexual realm of fantasy with our story will cause a chemical reaction in your brain that will lead to the realization of the ultimate pleasure that we are forbidden from.




This is the story of me and my mother….
How me and my mother fell in love with each other and how that relationship grew deeper and deeper…..

Before that let me tell you something about us
I am CRIMINAL, age_22+ , height 5”7 studying BA honors third year in college.. good looking.. many girls looked at me with lustful eyes… but I never fell in love with them… but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t sensual…. But I had no lust for thousands of girls… I only thought that I would be mine and she would be hers…..

My father died in a plane crash a few days before I was born… we already had a very small family – mother and father.. after he died it became even smaller. Mother became lonely for some time but I was not born in some time… Then my mother’s busyness started….
Taking care of one child is not a matter of four..and since my mother lives alone…
Dad left us with such an accident but left nothing less for us… My dad was a big business man… left us many properties and a whole business… which I will look after after college…..

Now let’s say a little about my mother…
My mother :_ Beloved, Age:_31 Height:_ 5 Mother is very gentle and shy… But seeing her body many people don’t want to accept it… Her body size is 36D-27-32… Her body is impossibly well built. How many people would eat my mother’s body with their eyes when I came out on the street. How many times my neighbors and neighbors used to say that my mother looks very beautiful but I could understand what they were saying. But never said anything to anyone. After four months of marriage, I moved to my mother’s stomach, so my father could not fuck my mother for a long time…. So my mother’s body was very sexual but still my mother never had relationship with anyone for the establishment and honor of our family…

Now come to the real story

I didn’t do well in college.. usually stayed at home a lot..!! Usually I used to play games at home…!!
And my mother usually wore nighty at home without bra panty…. It made her look very sexy…
One day when I was eating at home in the morning, I saw my mother cooking in a thin cotton nightie, but there was nothing under it.
It was normal for me because this is how mom usually stays at home…
So while doing a test while cooking, he suddenly took some hot food in his mouth. I was carrying some water in a jug for him but I didn’t notice that the lid of the jug was not tightly closed… Then while giving him water, he hurriedly drank water from the jug and accidentally spilled the entire water on his body…. And that first day when I lusted after seeing her body… But then did not control myself somehow. But in some moments my mother realized that I was lustfully looking at her body…..
Mother noticed that and scolded me immediately
Mother _ “”Give me the water, check whether the lid of the jug is open or closed….
I got wet, so I looked at the whole thing..
Why are you looking at my face like that?
“You sit at the table, I’m coming.”
Saying these words very angrily mother went to her room
I just said sorry mom and sat down at my dining table
I realized that no one understood that I was looking at my mother’s body in a different way.
I sat down to play the game in the morning after eating my food quietly like that day.. but I couldn’t erase that money-soaked naked picture from my head… so I could not concentrate on the game for long, so I stopped the game and started pressing the mobile phone at home…
And mother finished cooking lunch and went to her room thinking that I was looking at her like that in anger, she thought.
Ma- However, someone saw my body after a long time
For how long no one has touched my body…it is wrong to say that I don’t want to touch it but till today I have not let anyone touch me.. Really if someone could love me like his father then maybe I would have let him touch me….
Well then does my son want to touch me…. So does my son look at me like this…..😳😳
But I have never seen him look at me like this
So what is my wet body?


It looked like this
Thinking of these, my mind broke
When she started thinking what am I thinking about my son and for a while you felt it too thinking her pussy water started coming out…
So mother hurriedly went to take bath…
As I thought about my mother from this point of view, suddenly my 6” cock got hard… Suddenly a thought came to my mind…
I went to mom’s room to check what mom is doing…
I went and saw mother taking a bath in the room.. I slowly went to the door of the bathroom and saw my mother’s body completely naked.

My mother’s breasts are big but there is no belly fat and fat… My mother’s waist is like a virgin girl’s daughter… I started thinking how my body is so beautiful. I couldn’t control her and left my belongings in front of my bathroom door.. But then I ran away and went to my room when I saw that my mother was coming out after taking a bath…!

Mom came out and noticed something in front of the bathroom door and bent down to see it. After a long time mom can’t control herself after smelling semen… Maltukuni’s mother happily licks it on her finger.. After a while they lie down and lick the rest of my material lying on the floor without even thinking whose semen it is…

Then after a while the mother became normal and could not understand whose semen it was…

Even so, this time there has been a lot of sati giri
Now he has to start his khankigiri… Now he will be his son’s khanki..

I went to the house thinking about my body then mother called me to eat… I went there to eat.. I went there and my eyes were full of charak trees.. Mother was wearing a beautiful red transparent saree, red blouse with white bra inside, hair tied like a virgin girl. Tip, bangles in hand, chain around neck, whole marriage ready to go home and sitting with food for me.. I went and asked mom.

Me:_mom are you going somewhere…?
Mother:- I am not we!!
Me:_Where will we go mom…??
Mother: Let’s not go out for a long time, let’s take a look around today… And also for a long time no shopping..have to do some shopping..let’s go..
Suddenly there was a thud in my head
Mother never tells me without you.. Today suddenly you say… What’s the matter…??
So I ignored all that and after eating and drinking, I took a rest and left after a while…
Then I took out my bike to go to the park and sat behind my mother. Mother hugged me in the bike after crossing my neighborhood…
My body shivered as mom’s cool body came in contact with me..whenever mom’s soft body came in contact with mine….I felt so good..I controlled myself and drove mom to the park….!

She started walking around with me like a newly wedded bride walks around holding her husband’s hand in the park..I felt so good..I felt like I had come with my wife….sometimes my elbows went with her milk. I was shocked and it seemed that my mother was smiling instead of getting angry.

So after the horse ride in the park when we were sitting on a chair a kid came and said :_ Dada don’t take a rose flower for Baudi…!!
Hearing the words, I did not understand what to say.. At that time, I turned to my mother and saw her smiling.
I was going to say in anger that she is my wife or mother.. At that time mother said :_ And she is saying like that when don’t take a flower….
Even though I was a little surprised, the child took a flower from him and gave it to the mother…?
Mother takes it into her head…
While doing all this, it was evening
So as we left the park and headed towards the shopping mall my car broke down on the road…
What else can be done, put the bike in a side bike repairing shop and take public transport (bus) to the shopping mall….
There is a huge crowd in the bus… I got on the bus and mother and I stood facing each other
From this side she gives play then I go to the marga and from that side she pushes then mother comes on my body… Anyway if it was a little painful I could understand that it feels good for both of us….. However, after walking like this for a while, we got a seat
At first I asked mother to sit on the seat but due to mother’s stubbornness finally I sat on that seat… but a surprise as soon as I sat on it mother sat on my lap….
And my big daddy Joe has been peeing in my pants ever since, Marie’s activity makes Soda Strong….
After walking like this for a while, an idea came to my mind
I began to rub my treasure in the opening of her hips
I will run for a while. Mother looked at me with a smile and said: What is inside your pants? Why are you beating like that in the pods…
I have never heard these things from my mother’s mouth until today… so I was a little surprised
Then I calmed down and started thinking about what has been happening to me since morning… Ma wearing a transplant saree and going out with me like that, walking with me like a young wife with her arms raised, stopping the flower child from introducing herself to her mother, how on her son’s lap. Sitting and reading, and the most important thing since morning he is telling me you are doing…?
If I didn’t understand for a long time, now I was able to understand correctly by twos and fours


Why are you treating my mother like that? So does mother really want me, wants to get love from me, she wants me to touch her?

Thinking all this shopping mall comes… We get down from the bus and go to a saree shop.. There mom buys some sarees, buys some kurtis… Suddenly mom asks the lady salesman who was shopping to give some designing bras and panties..

Seeing all that makes you sick
I see in which there is only a strap and nothing else, only the two-legged area can be covered.
After showing some bra panty, the woman asked to know her bra size
Mother said:_36d
After hearing this, the salesman said to me with a smile:_Dada, don’t you have any work to do all day behind the wife?
I felt shy after hearing this.. but mother suddenly said:_ Don’t tell me anymore..??

After completing my shopping we headed home
15 minutes dark walking road in front of highbri then bike repairing shop from there take bike straight home

Suddenly, while on the road, I had a bad idea in my head, if not Espar, Espar must do something

After walking for a while, as I entered the dark road, a thought struck me
I suddenly called mother
Mom, you look so beautiful today…
In that darkness, I realized that mother’s eyes were watering as if she had been waiting for this word for so long and said in her mouth:_ So..☺️☺️
But I said but there is a pit, you know
Mother said: _ What..??
The lipstick is a bit too deep
Mother said: Tell me what can be done
I said: I have a way. Will you see..?
Mom said hmm
As soon as I said Hmm, I took her behind a pine tree on the side of the road and started French kissing her
I am sucking my lips mom is sucking my lips.. I was continuously putting my saliva in my mouth, mom was giving me mango kisses… after ten minutes we came out of the bush.. mom came out and gave me a sweet slap. :_This is how someone makes lipstick..?😏

So then we took out the car from the bike repairing shop and headed home, it was around eight o’clock in the evening.
But after coming home I realized that the relationship we had before leaving the house is no longer the same after entering the house it has become a different relationship…

Second part coming very soon…!!

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