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blackmailed anal i used this time to catch up on some last minute time with my friends but one night when i wasnt hearing from her i decided to call and when she answered she sounded like she was getting fucked. She tried to hide it and brushed me off, when she got back we had a huge fight but i decided to believe that it wasnt what it sounded like. We eventually got married and had a kid but from blackmailed anal time to time we would argue about her friendship with her friend and thier time together before we got married, she convinced me they were no longer friends and things started to get better, she got a new job and all was good.
Untill one day i got an email from a sender who said he was her friend and he had alot to tell me, in the message he told me that they still talk and he knew she started a new job and would even go have blackmailed anal lunch with her. One day he told her he was coming to take her out after work and instructed her to wear a short skirt and tight top but that day i was supposed to pick her up from work so he went over during her lunch, they went for a walk behind the building and he started kissing he vigourously, she hesitated a bit but when he started to kiss he neck and biting it she gave in grabbing blackmailed anal his head towards her neck for him to bite it even more. He told her he was leaving a mark on her neck just for me and she laughed he said. He was grabbing her breasts and slid his hand under her short skirt fingering her wet cunt. He told her to go for some drinks with him and she agreed knowing her lunch was only1 hour, they went to a bar not to far away and they had a few drinks, he was blackmailed anal telling her how he had a hard cock for her and the mark on her neck wasnt enough for him, he hated me so much he wanted to leave more for me. She would try to stop the talk from time to time but he would always bring them back up and she would just laugh.

Date: October 31, 2020