Blackmail Punished Fake Soldier Gets Used as a Fuck Toy by Police


Blackmail Punished She pulled herself close to me, almost pushing in, I could feel her breasts on my chest and her pussy up against my dick, her head cradled on my neck, her hand on the back of my neck, kind of humming along with the music. She slipped one of her legs in between mine and moved her crotch, provocatively, over my thigh.

She was definitely quite high, slightly slurring, her breath overpowering with tequila. She whispered it felt so nice being in my arms and so close to me. I was so strong, she felt so secure. She asked if I liked Blackmail Punished holding her, did I like having her in my arms. I, of course, was polite and said she was quite a package to hold.

She was holding my left hand as we danced, then gently moved it over her right breast, rotating it around and around, then squeezing my hand, cupping her breast. She took my fingers and rolled them around her erect nipple, now sticking straight out under her blouse. She asked if I liked touching her Blackmail Punished breast and I said it was wonderful, but we should stop before we got into trouble.

She persisted, paused, then took the same hand and placed it between her spread legs, moving it up and down her crotch. The thin cotton of her summer ankle pants allowed me to feel the outline of her pussy with my fingertips on her opening. She kissed me lightly on the neck, then my cheek, finally my lips, as she whispered how wonderful my hand felt. She asked me to move it around. She was very Blackmail Punished aroused.

I gently removed my hand and slightly separated from her. She suddenly put her arms around me and started kissing me again on the lips, frenching me, sucking on my lower lip, telling me I was the most wonderful, handsome man she has ever known. She was very aroused and wanted me to continue touching her, to make her feel good all over.

Date: July 11, 2020
Actors: toy