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blackmail mom As we walked in, this place was as stunning on the inside as it was on the outside. If you can picture, two-curved opposing grand staircases from the second floor down to the foyer. She led me right in between them to a hallway that leads you to a huge living room with natural wood coffered ceilings and several sets of couches for entertaining and a huge bar fully stocked with about every liquor you can think of. There were already a number of couples there. I would say eight couples with different blackmail mom age ranges mingling, laughing, and they all turned their heads and welcomed us as they all seemed to know her and she kept a hold of my hand as I was introduced. It was at this moment that I figured out what this was. I knew by the looks that I was getting from the ladies in the room what was going on here.  I literally felt like the antelope about to be pounced on by the cheetah. She had brought me to a swinger party! Now this was some high-end swinger party though. The couples here ranged blackmail mom from early thirties all the way to late forties and early fifty’s but fucking smoking hot. In this community, it seems like the plastic surgeon is really busy! Just as we finished introductions, another two couples came in and we all got settled having drinks and experiencing the house. They had a game room, a hot tub with an outdoor pool, sauna, and about 10 bedrooms it seemed. Every room blackmail mom was different though, and some were set up for some festivities for the night. BDSM was definitely on the menu.

blackmail mom I was then introduced to the owners of the house. They knew my date, but wanted to know who I was. I guess they were in their forties but in great shape. The wife was a horny little devil. She snuggled right up to my chest as she was much shorter than me. She then gave me the biggest hug and grabbed my ass along the way. She pulled me down to her level and whispered in my ear, “I can’t blackmail mom wait to see you naked”. It was quite the introduction! My date clearly enjoyed seeing everyone fawn over me as she knew that if anyone wanted to get their hands on me, that they had to go through her. This gave her such the confidence and powerful feeling that she fed off of. I could tell at this point that she had also been here on more than a couple occasions. I asked her, “how many times blackmail mom have you come here? It’s like they all know you”. She had the biggest smile on her face and said,” we meet once a month” like it was not big thing.

Date: November 6, 2020
Actors: india / india summer