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black Woman Busty stepsis pov However for the past few years we had protested and done it anyway because it had become our own little tradition. We stayed up as late as we could watching bad movies and enjoying each other’s company until we passed out. I was often the first one asleep and essentially would be dead to the world leaving Colleen and Shane to continue talking over the TV. As my eyelids fluttered shut again, I heard Shane whisper, “Is he awake?”

black Woman Busty stepsis pov The mattress shook slightly as I assumed Colleen glanced over our cousin’s body at me. I said nothing and kept my eyes closed intending to allow the sleep that was quickly returning to me to take hold. “Yeah. He’s still out,” came my sister’s reply. “You gotta be quieter,” Shane said as I felt the mattress shift with greater force as he moved. Colleen’s whisper was harsh when she responded.

black Woman Busty stepsis pov I told you I haven’t had anything that big in me since the last time we fucked.” Upon hearing my sister’s words the sleep that was about to overtake me retreated. Now awake and alert, I cracked my eyelids open just far enough to see while hoping it wasn’t wide enough for the light of the TV to reflect off my eyes. Looking across the bed, I nearly gave myself away as I suppressed a gasp upon seeing our cousin completely naked and my sister without her pants on.

black Woman Busty stepsis pov He was situated between her legs hovering over her with his hard cock pointing out of his crotch. While it was surprising to see them in such a position, it was the sight of Shane’s cock that nearly caused me to exclaim and reveal my wakefulness. As Colleen had said, it was big but even that word seemed an understatement. Easily in the double digits it was definitely long but it was the girth that made his dick imposing. I couldn’t imagine anyone’s hand being able to completely close around it. Admittedly, his lean frame along with the shadows from the television light might have been playing tricks with my mostly closed eyes but I didn’t think what I was seeing was too far off from what I would see in the light of day

Date: May 1, 2022