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Black Teen anal Well, erm…I…errm…” she faltered.

Kirsty turned on the floor and faced her daughter fully now.

“No, come on, if you want me to spill the beans you need to also” she said.

“Ok” Alex replied softly. “Well, you remember that party about a year ago when Aunty Dawn and Uncle Chris were here”. Kirsty nodded. As Alex continued, Kirsty started to smile as she remembered more and more of that night.

Black Teen anal “Well, we played those games and I came to bed. I heard you downstairs getting quite noisy then I think Dawn and Chris left about an hour later and I heard you come upstairs”. Kirsty nodded.

“Well, you know the walls in here are quite thin and you might be surprised how much I can hear”. Kirsty blushed but Alex continued “I heard you… not argue… but I could tell you had your ‘firm’ voice but I couldn’t make out what you were saying”.

Black Teen anal Kirsty now started to recall the night very clearly.

“It sounded like a cracking sound and I’m sure I heard Dad moaning and then a little later, you moaning as well. I thought you were probably having sex but it didn’t sound like your normal sex”. Kirsty’s eyes went wide. Her and Mike were very active sexually, at least 4 or 5 nights a week – and sometimes during the day as well – when Alex was at school.

Black Teen anal Kirsty giggled. The wine was kicking-in and she squirmed a little. Her pussy was getting warm remembering that night.

“Hhhmm, yes, well…” she began in response.

Alex turned to face her Mum and was hanging on her every word.

“So… yes….” Kirsty was trying to think of the best way to tell the tale.

Alex was a study in concentration, scared to miss any detail.

Black Teen anal “So, we’d played games and you know how competitive your Dad is…” Alex nodded “… and we’d been playing an adult card game that Chris had brought and it contained some ‘forfeits’”. Alex nodded, her face starting to grin. “Well, the forfeits were too… private… to be shared so we laughed them off with Dawn and Chris but when we got to bed, your Dad clearly wanted to have to take his forfeit”.

Date: May 7, 2021