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black mom One day I got a message from a woman, she said Hi and introduced herself. She was very nice, and after a few minutes of chatting, I have realized we both have a common thing: We both do Yoga. Later, I have realized she teaches yoga; on the other hand, I do it for my health. We have chatted for a few weeks and became close.

black mom She invited me to her house on a Friday evening. I accepted her invite. I got dressed nicely and reached her house on time. She was sitting outside her house, looking at her mobile. She was wearing a short dress. I went to her, said hello, and we hugged. She took me inside. She has a big ass black mom house, but it’s old fashioned. We sat on her couch and started talking about Yoga, she showed me all the books she read about Yoga, and I was like, WOW!! She is serious about Yoga. I’m nothing compared to her. As we were talking, I can clearly see her pussy in her short dress. I didn’t understand if she was inviting me or it’s an accident. As it’s our first meet, I didn’t want to do anything stupid.

black mom After a few minutes of talking, she said she would take me on a tour of her house.
Her house is huge; it would take some time to see everything. She showed me the 3rd floor of her house where she has 2 bedrooms, and she runs bread and breakfast there (At that moment empty).

black mom She showed me her Yoga room, and it’s super quiet and peaceful. She asked me to do some Tantra techniques on her. As she laid on the mat, I started giving her energy massage (Those who know Tantra may understand). After a few minutes, her dress went higher, and now her full shaved pussy is in my view. I was looking at it, and she was like, do whatever you want. I was still skeptical gave a small black mom kiss on her pussy, and she didn’t say anything. I started spreading her pussy and licking it. She has the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. She is super soft. I ate her for 20 minutes; I’m not even lying. She cummed, and she said she enjoyed it a lot. I am wearing jeans and a formal shirt, and now my dick is rock hard, and I was uncomfortable. We went downstairs sat on the couch. This time she kept her legs on my lap. I love it when women do that. I started rubbing her feet. She was rubbing my black mom erect dick. She came to me and gave me a juicy kiss. While kissing, she took my dick out of pants. She was like MY!!! You’re BIG. She started sucking my dick. I’m in paradise; she has amazing lips. After just 2 mins of sucking, we heard a noise outside.

Date: October 27, 2020