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black dude fucks teen “Will my Sir give me a sip of champagne”, you plead?

“Only in due time,! ” I snap.

“Now, spread your legs”

black dude fucks teen You cannot see, but now only feel the curve of the leather belt against your cheek. It slides ever so painstakingly slow along your naked body;  from the curve of your chin, along your neck and shoulder, down to the small of your back, over your buttock, then briefly in between your legs. You arch your smooth ass, to move your hungry clit against the curve of the smooth leather, where you squirm with pleasure and delight. Your moist elixir easily coats the leather, but I quickly pull it away and move along the inside of your thigh.

“Ohhhhh…….” A soft moan escapes your lips.

black dude fucks teen I lovingly lick the end of the quirt, tasting your nectar.

Now, the belt has moved lower to your ankles. You can feel the tap…tap…tap as you are coerced to spread your heels further apart.

The ankle straps are now buckled just above your delicate heels; you are now trussed firmly and beg,   “How will my Sir punish me tonight,?”

“With pleasure,” I growl.

black dude fucks teen Immediately you feel the business end of my belt lash against your buttocks. Once, twice, three times. You cry out as the searing lash first burns, then your body convulses, bucking beautifully against the door while your skin prickles and the marks turn a nice rosy red!

Then to your surprise, you hear me say, “Enjoying the sting?”

“Yes, …my Sir” you respond with obedience.

“Something to cool it down?”

“Ohhhh….yes Sir, please!” you retort.

black dude fucks teen Then you feel the cool surprise of chilled champagne splashed over your cheeks. Your ass tingles as it runs down the inside of your legs,  and then to your surprise, you feel my tongue’s wet tip licking the delightful drink from your thighs, your moist ass cheeks, and then ……I stop just short of passing across your clit!

Date: June 16, 2020