black amateur Her black stepdad is punishing her real bad


black amateur “Okay, I’m ready… but how will I decide?” I ask as I close the door behind me.

“Easy,” she says over her shoulder. “Just pick your sister!” Laughing, she sashays down the hall towards the living room, her sexy ass causing more blood to pump into my hardening cock.

“Yay! He’s going to do it!” Alex says, clapping her hands as she bounces on the couch, causing her woman-sized boobs to jiggle tantalizingly. My mind is already racing to see how far I can take these festivities. These girls are all over 18 and apparently not virgins, which means there really are no limits tonight.

black amateur “Do you guys have a plan in mind for how we’re going to do this?” I ask, noticing the girls have gone through a few wine coolers this evening.

“The judges always figure that out,” Kristina says. I swear I remember her as just a shy little kid and now she’s almost batting her eyes at me as she adds, “you’re the judge.” I wait a minute to see if anyone else wants to chime in and when they don’t I start to put my plan into action.

black amateur “Okay, why don’t the four of you line up and let me take a look at you,” I say, moving the coffee table so they can stand in front of the couch. I take a seat in the center of the couch as they dutifully line up facing me. Fuck! They’re all sexy!

“I think we should divide the competition into four categories: your breasts, your asses, your legs and your, um… pussies.” When I mention pussies, Kristina and Lauren glance away but Kyle and Alex just smile.

black amateur I stand up and walk in front of them like a commanding general inspecting the troops. “Hmm. This is going to be hard,” I say.

black amateur “I certainly hope so,” Alex says as she shifts her eyes to my crotch.

“Quiet,” I command, teasingly. “No distracting the judges or you’ll be disqualified.”

“Sorry,” she whispers, dropping her chin to her chest in a mock pout. “Do I really distract you, Brandon?” Damn straight she does! They all do.

black amateur “In a nice way,” I answer, as I walk past each girl staring intently at her chest. When I get to the end, next to Alex, I stare down the line looking at the variation of protrusions from each girl.

“Look, this shouldn’t just be about size,” I say, once again taking a seat on the couch. “I can’t be expected to adequately compare your breasts without seeing your nipples.” This is where we find out how much fun this is going to be.

black amateur “What!” Lauren is the first to react. “That’s not the deal!” she exclaims, looking to her friends for support.

Date: October 26, 2020