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binho ted anal required. To say that I felt brazen then was an understatement! I felt wickedly gleeful and stepped through to the well lit space, easing down my wet G string and dropping it onto the sofa beside me. Then i seated myself, open legged and allowed my sweet creamy love mix to stain the fabric of the the sofa. I felt it oozing out and even touched myself with red lacquer manicured fingers. i had no shame, no doubt whatsover.

binho ted anal When Peter appeared in the doorway, the brandy glass on a little silver tray that his mother had given us at Christmas, he was visibly trembling. He looked like roadkill about to happen, wide eyed and transfixed with the sight of what was before him. I touched my sex and again and licked my finger. It was terribly vamp and rather cruel. It was so terribly destined, so irreversible and inevitable. My Cartier watch slipped down my wrist, something that i had made Peter buy me after he accepted that it was pointless to forbid my dating. What had it cost? May be four of five thousand pounds, capitulation hit a man in many places.

binho ted anal ‘Are you ready to lick nicely Peter? Do you want to taste the creamies that Dominic left inside me?’ I asked rather luxuriously.

Peter shuddered this time and, momentarily, he tore has gaze from my sex. It was terribly shaming, of course it was, i understood that completely.

Peter’s breath ccaught in his throat. His mouth must have been dry. I gestured impatiently and took the brandy from the tray. i savoured the licquor as it slipped down my throat.

binho ted anal ‘Eventually…Dominic will put you out of this house completely. You’ll become another diown and out with a terribly sad tale to tell if someone would but listen’ i observed tersely, ‘if you need to lick, if you need to stay on, then I will let you. You just hsve to beg for it’.

binho ted anal Peter sat down on the other sofa opposite me. Across the orchard there were bedroom lights on. We might be observed. I shook my head at Peter and gestured with my eyes to the floor. He was to kneel before me. My husband seemed to tense again, screwing himself tighter, his shloulders hunched in. He hated this. He really didn’t want to kneel before me…but he would. Dom. had predicted that he would. i had only to inflict the humilitation, to insult without a qualm. That was what it took to break a husband.

binho ted anal ‘You refuse to talk, but you know that you’ve lost Peter. I want Dominic. i am Dominic’s now and you know his terms. I become your mistress, he becomes yoiur master. But you can fuck off if you prefer.’ My speech went into him like a vetrinarian’s last needle. He visibly winced. 

Date: April 1, 2021