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Biggest hot BBC I blushed and thanked her for commenting on her appearance. She blushed a little herself. We ordered some drinks and food then sat and talked. I asked her how work was and she asked me about my writing. We talked and laughed while we waited for our meals. My hands were on the table and Holly suddenly reached for them. Her expression turned more serious. “Robin, can I confess something to you?” she asked. I nodded. “You can tell me anything, Holly.”

Biggest hot BBC “I called you here because I wanted to see you. I wasn’t sure if you were going to come. I have to admit that I was hoping it wouldn’t freak you out but I didn’t know how else to ask you on a date. You clearly are not a lesbian.” She confessed.

Biggest hot BBC I didn’t know what to say. She was right, I wasn’t a lesbian but, I had been attracted to her. I squeezed her hands and smiled. Trying to break the tension I joked. “Well, you could have asked for a date. Also calling me sexy has been known to get a person a date or two.” Holly smiled. The whole atmosphere of the meeting changed. It was no longer two gal pals having dinner. It was a full on date.

Biggest hot BBC We finished our meals and Holly paid the bill. I tried to pay for my share but then she reminded me it was a date. We walked to my car. Holly lived close enough that she could walk to the establishment. I offered to drive her home. After we got in the car, she asked if I wanted to do anything else before going home. I told her I would rather just find a place to relax. Holly nodded and began giving me directions to her house. Biggest hot BBC

Biggest hot BBC It didn’t take us long to get to her home. It was a small two bedroom house. It was very cozy looking. I pulled into the drive way and parked. I then killed the engine and that made Holly a little surprised. She invited me in and we walked to her door. We got inside and I noticed the place was just as cozy inside as it was outside. She offered me a drink but I was not thirsty. Instead I gave in to an urge to hug her. Her back had been turned to me and I latched my arms around her midsection. When I let go, she spun around and passionately kissed me on my lips. After a minute she broke the kiss with a look of shock.

Date: May 29, 2020
Actors: fantasy / karlee grey