BIGGEST BBC Holly’s size was sometimes intimidating to those around her. Personally, I found it kind of sexy. I knew she was a lesbian and didn’t mind when she would flirt with me a little before apologizing. She was always concerned about her employees and wanted to make sure she didn’t make them uncomfortable in any way. It was like a mothering instinct in her.

BIGGEST BBC I had clocked out and had my name badge in my hand. Holly looked at me with a somewhat saddened expression. She had been a great boss. And an even better friend. Holly was one of the few people I trusted enough to tell what exactly I was writing about. Most of my friends and coworkers only knew I was published, not what the content was. Holly stood up and looked down at me. “I guess this is it.” She said.

BIGGEST BBC “Yes,” I replied. “Thanks for giving me this opportunity.” I reached out my hand to shake hers.

BIGGEST BBC Holly caught me off guard by giving me a hug. “Since you don’t work here anymore, I can’t get in trouble for this.” She said. I hugged her back. The exchange kind of made me teary-eyed. Holly wiped my eyes and told me “Pretty girls shouldn’t cry.” We exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch. I thanked her again then headed home.

BIGGEST BBC A few days later I got a call from Holly. She had a couple days off and wanted to know if I wanted to hang out. I agreed and asked where she wanted to go. We decided to meet a restaurant near her place. Before I knew it we had made plans to meet in only an hour. I rushed to get ready. I wasn’t sure why but, I ran through my usual date night kind of rituals. Something had come over me I couldn’t explain. I shrugged it off and headed out.

BIGGEST BBC I pulled up to the restaurant and got out of my car. I loved the place. The food was fantastic, the staff was friendly, and the drinks could bring you to your knees. I walked inside and saw Holly sitting over at a booth near the corner. She stood up as I walked towards her. I quickly noticed she appeared as if she had the same thoughts come over her. She looked gorgeous. Her jaw hit the floor when she took a look at me. “Robin! You look fantastic!” she exclaimed.

Date: May 29, 2020