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When I clean his house he would take a nap. He always slept naked he told me this. I would big white ass peek on him all the time. One day I think he knew I was speaking on him, when I went in to peak he was rock hard. I gasped and stood there as he played with it. It mad me soaking wet.
Later that week was my birthday. Yay I finally 18. I go over to Marcus house and cock dinner, big white ass he has some music playing and dancing. I go to walk by him as he bumps me, grabs me to dance with him. I though I was in heaven. His hands on me as I feel him start to grow as he is grinding on me. I back off and laugh and he did the same.
After we eat he surprised me with cake. Then he made me dance with him again. This time I big white ass got into the dancing, I was grinding on him hard, his hands began wondering my body from my small tits to my butt. Before I knew it he had turned me around and kissed me roughly.
He stops looks at me and Marcus said, ” I waited 2 years to have you”. I smiled and said I know. I dropped to my knees as his huge fat cock was in my face. I took it as deep as I could in my throat, as I gagged he forced my head back down. I continued until he busted in my mouth.

Date: October 28, 2020