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Big Oiled Wet Butt Now the victims could punish the culprits and what was more it entitled whoever was the victim, or a member of their family, to both choose whether the offender was spanked or caned and deliver the punishment themselves. The victim was thirty-eight-year-old Mavis Cooper. The theft though was of a neckless that Mavis was going to give to her eighteen-year old daughter, Emma, for her birthday.

Big Oiled Wet Butt Mavis therefore decided that although she was technically the victim the real victim was Emma and so she passed the right to punish the offenders on to her. Emma was a prefect at sixth form College and used to holding detention. She wasn’t able to give any corporal punishment at College but had watched the Headmistress cane several of the girls as a witness was required and the Headmistress preferred prefects to staff as she felt it helped them to understand the benefit of the cane in particular as a form of punishment.

Big Oiled Wet Butt So being able to use the cane herself was going to be particularly enjoyable and satisfying for Emma. Spankings were also common at the College and given by the teachers at the front of the class and so Emma had seen how to give a really good spanking as well So, all on all Emma felt confident that she would be able to teach the thieves a good lesson. She even liked the fact that they were both her grannies age. Emma walked in to the detention room dressed in a pink vest top and white shorts with bare legs.

Big Oiled Wet Butt She saw that both women were in yellow tunic tops that covered their bottoms and knew they would be wearing knickers but no bra and of course had bare legs. The tunics were very easy to either yank up or even remove as the requirement was for the women to be disciplined on their bare bottoms. “Follow me,” Emma ordered and she turned and led the way to the punishment arena.

Date: March 4, 2019