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squirting solo compilation I instinctively inserted my finger into her, to which she responded with a moan of pleasure, “Oh, Veeresh, you naughty boy.” I finger fucked her slowly for some time. But while doing this, my dick had become erect and hard. I needed to fuck her right away. I slowly and carefully inserted my dick into her pussy, aware of the fact that she was in advanced pregnancy. After fucking her from behind, I asked her take my dick into her mouth and give me pleasure. She readily obliged, sucking my dick with passion. Finally, I came in her mouth, and she gleefully swallowed my semen and licked my dick clean.

squirting solo compilation At that very moment, we heard our son Kumar call out, “Papa! Mummy!” We hurried to his room and asked him what was the problem. He said, “My school teacher keeps eating my lunch every day and I get to eat very little. I am hungry all day.” “Oh, baby! That is too bad. You should not be going hungry at this age. Papa will write a note to your teacher Miss Zareena tomorrow and ask her not to eat your lunch. Now, go back to bed,” said Shabana.

squirting solo compilation The next day Shabana left for Chennai. I had sent a note to Kumar’s teacher asking her not to eat his lunch. When I got home from work later that evening, I asked him if he had his lunch. “No, the same thing happened again. Miss Zareena ate my lunch today too,” he said with a sad face. I was angry that this was happening in spite of my note that day. I decided to meet the school teacher Zareena and warn her not to do this again. squirting solo compilation

squirting solo compilation Next day, I packed Kumar’s lunch and sent him off to school in the school bus. Before he left, I also asked him to bring back Miss Zareena’s phone number. When I came home from office, he handed me the phone number. I called her phone number. After 4-5 rings, I heard a woman’s voice.

squirting solo compilation “Hello.”
“Hello, this is Kumar’s Dad. He is a student in your First grade class”, I said.
“Oh, yes. I know Kumar. How are you Mr….?” she asked.
“I am Mr. Veeresh. But I want to talk to you about his lunch. He complains that you have been eating most of his lunch. May I know why you keep doing this?” I asked rather politely, trying to hide my anger.

squirting solo compilation “I am so sorry, Mr. Veeresh. You know I don’t get to eat South Indian dishes like dosas, idlis, vadas, rice and sambar, Upma, and all that wonderful stuff. I just can’t control myself when I see those dishes in Kumar’s lunchbox. I am sorry again. Why don’t you meet me outside the school? We will discuss this matter and sort it out,” she said. “Sure. Can you meet me tomorrow at 4 PM in restaurant Red Castle outside the school?” I asked. “Yes, I know the place. Let us meet tomorrow at 4.” she agreed.

Date: December 25, 2019