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Big Booty Wife Cuckold At that moment, I have seen the frankness of an Indian woman in expressing the sexual desire. Generally these sexual feelings will not be expressed even though they want to, and once they open up then the actual mood can be felt and their true love and lust can be seen.

Big Booty Wife Cuckold I started unbuttoning her blouse and took it off her body in no time. She pulled my T-shirt off and hugged me. Her bare boobs were pressed against my chest and I could feel the warmness. I wrapped my hands and was running my finger on her bare back. Took them down and pressed her butts. Inserted one hand into her petticoat and rub her butts.

Big Booty Wife Cuckold She placed her hand on my bulge and held my dick, started rubbing it over the pants and unzipped my pants and inserted her hand into my pant and underwear and held my dick. It was very warm and hard. She started moving it and we exchanging our saliva.

Big Booty Wife Cuckold I put my other hand down and pulled her saree and it felt on the floor within no time. She was standing in only petticoat deeply involved in kissing by closing her eyes and enjoying the moment. I pulled the thread of petticoat and it felt down. Now she was completely nude in front of me. She unbuttoned my pants and took it off and pulled my underwear and made me complete nude. We were looking into each other’s eyes and hugged each other. Both the bodies were warm and her boobs pressed against my chest and my dick was touching her pussy lips.

Big Booty Wife Cuckold She was feeling tickling when my dick was touching her pussy. She was running her fingers on my back and she was licking my nipples and rubbing my butts. I kissed her neck and run my tongue on her earlobes and from there on to neck and further down to the boobs and run the tongue around her areola. I could feel the boobs getting stiff and nipples becoming hard. I placed my lips on the nipple and pulled it and gently bit the nipple. She made a sweet sound “ ouch”, it was so cute and I started sucking the nipple and with other hand pressing other boob.

Date: July 10, 2020