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big booty black girls From the beginning, I had been invited to go stay at my friends summer condo for a few weeks, luxury vacation with beaches and bitches I was told, the only condition is my friends grandma will be staying there so we needed to help her with painting the outside of the house and whatever else she needed in the duration of our stay. Hell yeah easy work and then all play, or so I thought.

big booty black girls We had arrived at the condo after a super quick 2 hour flight, beautiful blue sky and a bottle of beer in my hand, the day was looking great. I walked into the condo with my luggage strolling behind me, my friend calling out for his Grandma with no sign of her, I decide To drop my luggage and take my beer outside for a smoke. I walk through the screened doors into the back yard area eyes glued to my phone I light up my cigarette and take a quick seat on a bench just outside the door.

big booty black girls My dumbass didn’t notice there was a pretty Thick mature woman sunbathing in a bikini on the lounger outside, I had only noticed because of the music feedback from her headphones. My eyes wouldn’t leave her body, her bikini barely covered her huge Breasts and her thighs where absolutely delicious, I could see beads of sweat dripping down her body as she lay there in the sun unknowingly with my creepy self lusting after her. I’ve always had a thing for older women and  in my early 30’s that hasn’t changed.

big booty black girls The lady had sunglasses on so I figured myself invisible and moved to a seat closer to her lounger forcing two gentle coughs to try make my presence known as I finished my cigarette but no response.

Date: October 29, 2020