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Big boobs stepmom Hello PSS readers, this is Aryan from Kolkata. Thank you for the feedbacks of my previous story. My email id is: [email protected] and don’t forget to give me feedbacks as it will encourage me to write more of my experiences.

Big boobs stepmom I am back with another experience of mine which took place a couple of months ago with my aunt. She is in her late 30s, short height, slim and very hot. You won’t believe, she doesn’t look elder than me. I have very good tuning with her since her marriage with my paternal Uncle. We meet occasionally because we live in different states. This year in Feb my Uncle’s family came to Kolkata to attend some marriage functions. I spent a lot of time with my aunt during the functions.

Big boobs stepmom I asked her about their plans after the functions will be over. She said there are no such plans yet. I said why don’t we make some. She asked whether I have thought of anything. I suggested we should go to Puri, Orissa. She readily agreed and said she will speak to my uncle about it. I was happy that she agreed to the trip. I didn’t have any bad intention for her at that point of time, it was kind of attraction towards her beauty which made me spend more time with her. The next day she told me that my uncle agreed and I somehow convinced my parents as well.

Big boobs stepmom I quickly arranged two cars for the whole family as I like road trips more than train journey. We started at night, I sat with my aunt in the back seat. As I was so excited for the journey I didn’t sleep properly the previous night. So I was feeling drowsy after some time. Seeing me sleepy my aunt put my head on her shoulder and my hands were on her lap. I was feeling very sleepy but because of the road conditions there were many jerks which made my hands touch her boobs and I could not get sleep. I removed my hands from her lap but she said let it be, go off to sleep. I slept for few hours. When I woke up I found my hands were still on her lap and were touching her boobs with every jerk. I pretended to be sound asleep and kept enjoying the touch of her soft boobs.

Date: June 7, 2020