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big ass teens I felt ashamed, not because of seeing her, but because how I had reacted. She was family, she had assumed I’m close and relative enough to undress in front of me, but I had looked at her as if she is a stranger. She said:

“My dear, if you keep overdressing like that while I’m comfortable, that is going to make me very embarrassed. It’s no big deal. I bathed you when you were a child. I have already seen you naked. So don’t be shy. Go change.”

big ass teens I went to my bedroom. I Undressed to my shorts and thought: This is how I walked around in front of her when I was a child. If she is comfortable enough to be in her underwear, why shouldn’t I be?

I should explain that my body was completely unshaved except my armpits. My body is more hairy than most men. The hair on my chest and legs was bushy. Perhaps most people will disagree, but I like my body this way because I believe this is how a man should look like. Shaving everything turns a man’s body into a boy’s body.

big ass teens I went back to my aunt. This time she was surprised! She stared at me for few seconds and then commented:

“Wow! Khaled, you are a man! I don’t know why I assumed your body still looks like a child! Come and sit with me! Let’s use this opportunity to talk about all things which have happened when I was away.” Then she pointed to the place next to her on the sofa.

big ass teens I sat by her side. We talked for a long time about different subjects. It was nice. Getting rid of television’s noise and electric stuff gave us peace and allowed us to focus on each other. Then suddenly the conversation took a turn:

big ass teens “Khaled, can I ask you a private question?”


“Why don’t you shave your body?”

She began rubbing my hairy leg gently. I explained my reasons which I mentioned above. She smiled and said:

“I never thought about it that way, but I think you are right. You look manly and handsome like that.”

big ass teens I blushed at that moment. She moved her other hand on my chest and rubbed and played with its hair. That was when I first realized that I’m getting aroused by her. I tried to fight it, but it was useless. I was getting an erection which was embarrassing because I was in shorts and sitting next to her. She could easily see it, which I think she did! She stretched the side tip of my shorts (which was a litt

Date: October 22, 2020