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Big ass teen homemade The day started off like any other day for Cassandra. She was awakened by the soft kiss of the sunrise and the sound of the waves rolling up to her Malibu Beach home. Her husband, like always, had already left for work early and hadn’t bothered to make love to her or even kiss her Big ass teen homemade before leaving. She rose from her bed and went out on the balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The same thoughts began to haunt her again–how had her life come to this, seemingly having everything…yet having nothing. Every day, an emptiness left her longing for more.

Big ass teen homemade She took a deep breath and stared into the Pacific horizon. The sun’s warmth and sounds of the ocean intoxicated her; the warm ocean breeze briefly ran through her negligee and caressed her breasts ever so softly. She closed her eyes and touched her loveliness and thought of how Big ass teen homemade it could be…and should be! She lost herself in the moment, pleasuring herself. Her heart and mind raced as she continued to pleasure herself. She closed her eyes again and in those few precious moments she could finally see and hear and smell and taste and feel all that she wanted, all that she needed, all that she must have.

Big ass teen homemade Cassandra explored herself with more and more passion with each passing second and then finally lost all control and collapsed from the pleasure. Those few moments seemed like an eternity of pleasure. Her lips gently parted, she opened her eyes, her skin still moist from the experience, her nipples still excited from her exploration of pleasure. She felt more relaxed than all the other times before and at the same time she felt a burning hunger deep inside for something different–a new life unlike any before. She knew the time had come for drastic change; her spirit needed to be renewed. There was no hiding from it any longer, not after today.

Date: April 25, 2021