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big ass ebony It’s not like I didn’t try to sleep that night. I just couldn’t. By midnight I was quietly caressing myself in the darkness, hoping it would relax me. The problem was, I was hoping to finish myself off and pass out, but I needed to hear signs that both of the boys were asleep first.

big ass ebony The cabin had three bunks, arranged in a U-shape. When we’d arrived, they’d given me first choice, and I’d opted for the top bunk on the right-hand side figuring it would be more appropriate if I slept out of reach and in a position where I could keep an eye on them if needed. My godson had chosen the top bunk on the left, and his friend decided to go underneath him on the bottom bunk.

Because the dividing screen wasn’t high enough to obscure us from each other, I had to sleep in a tank top and some loose-fitting shorts. Lights-out had been a couple of hours ago and I was waiting for the sounds of the boys sleeping so I’d know I was free to touch myself. In fact, I’d already pulled down my shorts and was sliding my fingers around the outside of my knickers, desperate to relieve my tension.

big ass ebony Just as I was growing confident enough to slip my fingers inside my panties, I heard a whisper. I cracked an eyelid and rolled my head to look across the room. My godson had leaned over the edge of the bed and was asking his friend whether he was still awake or not.

And damn. He was.

He replied that he couldn’t get to sleep and asked my godson what he was thinking about.

big ass ebony I was so sexually frustrated that I almost told them to shut-up and go to sleep. But it didn’t seem fair to tell them off, just because I was a little horny. And were whispering anyway. So, I decided to stay silent and pretend to be asleep.

Date: October 13, 2020
Actors: maya / maya morena / tina may