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big ass blonde teen My church whore was liking being fondled and used by me. I found her cunt covered by her panty hose. Not to be discouraged I hooked my finger nails in and tore an opening.

“Fuck! Are you kidding me? White cotton granny panties underneath.”

I pulled them aside to find the hairiest cunt I had ever seen. It was matted with her moistness as I rubbed her lips and pressed on her clit. Thrusting her hips into my fingers as she pulled into her driveway. I took my fingers and rubbed them across her lips. I noticed the address as she got out and went for the door.

big ass blonde teen I sent my brother a text. Get 4 or 5 of your friends to this address in half hour. Do it if you don’t want Mom to know about this morning and make sure you come too.

I walked in the house and Beth was trying to do up her buttons. I took my tits out of my blouse and pushed her head to suck them. Grabbed her dress with both hands and ripped it off. Buttons flying everywhere. Her massive tits being supported with a white Playtex bra with extra padding to guard her nipples showing.

big ass blonde teen I slid her dress off her shoulders letting in fall in a heap at her feet. She stood in front of me in her bra ripped hose and granny panties. Beth looked good for her age and I couldn’t wait to introduce her to lesbian sex.

“Take off your bra. Now your hose and panties. We really need to trim your bush. How does Mister ever get through it with his tongue?”

“He doesn’t. Every Wednesday night we go to bed and he lays on top of me and gives me his seed.”

big ass blonde teen I took scissors and began trimming her cunt hair while I massaged her clit. Got it so I could manipulate her cunt lips and licked up and down as I finger fucked myself. Spreading her lips to expose her swollen clit. I sucked it until it exploded in my mouth.

big ass blonde teen Beth lay down on the living room carpet panting and convulsing in orgasm. I straddled her mouth. Lowered down and writhed back and forth on her face as I sucked her tits and fingered her convulsing cunt. Found her G spot and fucked it vigorously. Arching up with every thrust. Screaming.

“God forgive me. Please don’t make me go to hell. Feels so good. Don’t stop!”

big ass blonde teen Laughing. I cupped my hand catching her syrupy cum. Licked it and smeared it on her face. I felt quite proud. Obviously she had not cum like this before. Wait til the boys get here.

Just then the front door stormed open.

Date: October 23, 2020
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