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sexiest woman As the chat was going well. I picked myself up and sat next to her.I was seeing deep into her penetrating eyes. Her lips were inviting me for a kiss. She then opened up and was asking questions which were increasing my dick rate !! Yes, dick rateโ€ฆ.

N- tumne kabhi kisi ladki ko choda hai (did you had sex experience with anyone)

I- yes I had sex with few.

N- tumhara stamina kitna hai, kitne baar kar sakte ho,( how many time you can do it in one go)

I- if its you ii can do it for minimum 4 times.( I had sex with my cousin once for 4 long sessions once)

N- impossible tum itna kar hi nahi sakte. ( you canโ€™t have sex for so much session)

I- if I prove that to you what you will do whatever I ask you, you will have to do it. She readily agreed to it.

sexiest woman I thought this is the right time to approach her. I put my hands on her thighs and again ask her whether she will do what I ask if she loses. She again agreed and said. Karke dikha pehle fir bataungi.(do it first then I will tell). I was agitated with her reply and thought of showing her how can I do that. It was 1.00 pm and I knew it will take minimum 6 hours for her hubby to come even if he is late.

sexiest woman I went near to her and kissed her on lips. I did not even try to force myself on her.

sexiest woman As soon as I kissed her she opened her mouth without any hesitation and we were engrossed in the kiss. I kissed her for few minutes and my hands started roaming on her boobs over her top. I was moving my hands around her breast and could feel her heart beats. She pushed me aside and removed her clothings in a jiffy. I loved her aggressiveness.

sexiest woman She was giving a nice view of her boobs. Her low neck tank top gives me full access to her two fully developed boobs. This boobs I tell you resembled like mia khalifaโ€™s big rounded one. She was naked in a minute before me without any help from me. She said this is my gift for your dick. Show me what you have . I was already horny and took out my dick.

Date: December 16, 2019