BBC Foursome My best friend introduced me to THE SCHOOL BUS


BBC Foursome Did I mention she had an amazing body? Every time when silky cloth would touch her body I could see lines of her curves. She was mumbling something tried to find things in a kitchen. I didn’t know what to do: keep hiding and watching or appear and start talking. I choose second, I don’t know why. I walked towards her.

BBC Foursome “Hi, why you don’t sleep this early in the morning”? She turned around and looked at me.

“Hi, I don’t know. Next to the room I slept in was snoring guy. I don’t think I ever closed my eyes. I am almost ready to kill him. So sleepy right now. Why are you awake?”

BBC Foursome “I am morning bird. Always wake up early”. I tried do not pay attention to lines of her curves. Silky tank was torture to watch. Didn’t hide anything.

She kept opening different drawers and looking for something. I wanted to help but on other hand enjoyed watching her. She was tall but not tall enough to open last drawer on top. I hold my breath when she stepped on her toes and tried to reach the shelf. The picture was killing. Her silky top half opened her perfect breasts and line of her waist was so seductive that I forgot how to breath. Hard as BBC Foursome hell I came to her and easily opened the drawer. Filters for coffee were there. “I don’t know who put it there but here we go”. I took the filters and looked at her. “You want it or I can do coffee for us two”? She looked at me and then her look went down to my lips: “First, I think you shouldn’t be that close to me. Second, it’s a crime to be so sexy”. I looked at her with light shock. Why in the world she would say something like that? She thinks I’m sexy?

Date: July 12, 2020