Bad Uncle screams in ecstasy and squirts over the bed a couple times


Bad Uncle I also cummed inside her, but kept going until both of us were exhausted. After a minute of banging, Lila came over to the bed, spread her legs, and started rubbing her pussy on Ella’s boobs as I grabbed them. She moaned once and left a small trail of wetness as she rubbed her pussy across her boobs.
I was completely exhausted, but the girls weren’t. I sat back as they started grabbing each other again. Bad Uncle Lila pressed her pussy against Ella’s pussy and they rubbed them against each other. Ella moaned and squirted into Lila, while Lila violently orgasmed again. I cummed while watching this, my cum soaring into the air and right onto both of their boobs and pussies, by a stroke of luck. They each licked each other’s pussies and boobs to clean them off.
After Lila orgasmed once more and Ella squirted over the bed again, positively soaking it, they were both completely and utterly exhausted. Lila crawled over to me and put her perfect pussy on my dick, Bad Uncle while Ella came over and put her boob in my mouth. We sat there for a while, completely exhausted, my dick still in Lila’s pussy and my mouth still sucking on Ella’s boobs. Then, we fell asleep like that after the best night of the best sex.

They both laughed loud, John said “lower your voice pastured, she is not a prostitute, she is a gorgeous, decent young woman.”

I heard Mark saying “a gorgeous Girl, May be, but a decent one? I doubt it, what would a decent woman Bad Uncle be doing in your bedroom during the absence of your wife, except sucking your cock and riding it?”

John seemed to be no longer worried about me hearing them, he knew the bedroom door was cracked,

Date: September 30, 2021