Babes Unleashed Swingers starring Crystal Clear starring Alexis Crystal


Babes Unleashed Swingers starring The sweatshirt couldn’t hide her best asset though. Alex knew her bra size was 34EE and had always been in awe of how sexy her Mum was, without even trying to be. Only 5’3” but her slim waist accentuated her curvy hips and her legs were smooth and slender. At times, Alex looked at her Mum and bit her lip. She was exploring her own sexuality and had been browsing some websites and more and more she was attracted to seeing two beautiful women kissing and loving each other.

Babes Unleashed Swingers starring She didn’t think she was gay – she’d had boyfriends – but they were more because she felt she should, rather than having a deep-seated desire for male love.

Babes Unleashed Swingers starring Alex herself was a stunning beauty. Taller than her setpmum by a few inches already and she filled out her own shorts with wide hips and strong legs. Her breasts were a very nice 34C but her best feature was her face. A slightly oriental shape to her eyes that made her look exotic. When she wore the right eye make-up and accentuated her eyelids, she looked stunning and way older than she was.

Babes Unleashed Swingers starring She could wear her Mum’s clothes – and had done so without her knowing! – and looked very sophisticated. That was maybe why she lost her virginity to a man in his 20’s when she was only 15.

She had come home looking distraught. Her Dad was out (no surprise there) but her Mum didn’t ask questions, just ran a bath for her and stayed with her while Alex told her the tale of hymen breaking, blood in the man’s car, him kicking her out and leaving her to walk home.

Babes Unleashed Swingers starring She had gone off ‘boys’ since then.

Kirsty turned to look at her daughter. She knew that Alex was stunningly beautiful and she would do whatever she needed to do to keep her safe. They would spend more time together.

Date: June 23, 2020