Babes Unleashed Swingers starring Charlie Dean and Haley Hill


Babes Unleashed Swingers So here they sat, on Kirsty’s bedroom floor. The bottle of wine empty, only a little bit left in each of their glasses. Alex was feeling a little tipsy and when Kirsty started to tell her tales of some of the things her Dad had done she couldn’t help laughing and that started them both off. It was cathartic. Alex had no illusions her Dad was no good and he had hurt her Mum. Alex loved her Mum more than her Dad and she was happy to say so.

Babes Unleashed Swingers The two women giggled and swapped tales of life over the last years.

Alex looked at her Mum. Kirsty’s eyes were still a little puffy from crying but her stunning beauty was there to see. Her high cheek bones, soft eyes, full lips, curved chin and slim neck. Her long, brown hair that seemed lighter when the sun caught it, was tied back in a pony-tail that fell half way down her back.

Babes Unleashed Swingers The sweatshirt couldn’t hide her best asset though. Alex knew her bra size was 34EE and had always been in awe of how sexy her Mum was, without even trying to be. Only 5’3” but her slim waist accentuated her curvy hips and her legs were smooth and slender. At times, Alex looked at her Mum and bit her lip. She was exploring her own sexuality and had been browsing some websites and more and more she was attracted to seeing two beautiful women kissing and loving each other.

Babes Unleashed Swingers She didn’t think she was gay – she’d had boyfriends – but they were more because she felt she should, rather than having a deep-seated desire for male love.

Babes Unleashed Swingers Alex herself was a stunning beauty. Taller than her setpmum by a few inches already and she filled out her own shorts with wide hips and strong legs. Her breasts were a very nice 34C but her best feature was her face. A slightly oriental shape to her eyes that made her look exotic. When she wore the right eye make-up and accentuated her eyelids, she looked stunning and way older than she was.

Date: June 23, 2020
Actors: charlie / haley hill