aunt nephew DarkX Ex Grilfriend Needs His BBC One Last Time


aunt nephew By the time I arrive at the surgery, I am tingling with sexual arousal. Wearing a pink crop top, my nipples can be clearly seen protruding through the thin material. My slender, flat stomach is naked, and I am showing off the full length of my long, slender legs by wearing a 9 inch mini skirt and strappy, open sandals with heels. I look absolutely stunning, with my long shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.

After a short wait I am called into the doctor’s room. I walk in, and I can feel that I am right on the edge now. The dampness between my legs gives away my inner turmoil.

aunt nephew He is sitting at his desk writing something down. He is in his late 40’s, a bit grey but good looking. I close the door and he turns around to face me. I can tell immediately by his expression that my appearance has made an instant impression upon him, as I stand there looking fabulously sexy.

“Ah ,erm yes, er, come in ,come in,” he stumbles, standing up to show me to a chair opposite where he sits. I smile shyly at him and sit down, crossing my long, tanned legs.

aunt nephew After a few moments shuffling paper around his desk he looks up at me and smiles.

” Good , Good”, he says, as he tries not to stare at my legs, ” Its Katie ………, is that right?”

I nod, “That’s right”.

“Ok. What can I do for you today, Katie?”

aunt nephew Now I put my naughty plan into action – the one I’ve been thinking about all day. Its quite simple really. I am playing my role as the stunning, horny teenage girl, who is at the same time naive and innocent; unaware of the effect she has on men, with no understanding of how her behaviour is interpreted, or the impact of her appearance.

Date: September 29, 2020