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Aunt mouthful cum So, in the end, I brought a bunch of flowers, set the GPS for the Inner-City Dockland Apartments and was there with sufficient time for a polite visit before I could make my excuses and head through traffic to the airport and home to the Swan River. My duty done.

Aunt mouthful cum However, there were no frickin parking spots, pay or fifteen minutes free; anywhere. As I hit a frazzle point, I remembered the old duck, who didn’t drive, had a parking spot attached to her high-rise unit. I entered the basement car park, using the access pin my mother had given me, I recalled thinking, well that’s something I won’t need, I wasn’t sure when leaving Perth if I could suck it in and see the cow.  After heading down a couple of ramps, into the bowels of the building, looking for J’s allocated unit number parking spot; I found it alright.

Aunt mouthful cum There was a bloody black Mercedes in the slot. Mmm I was desperate. As it was the last parking spot in the row and wall side, I illegally double parked the small Volkswagen Polo I was driving and decided whoever was visiting Joanna or dishonestly parked in her spot; would be there longer than me.

Aunt mouthful cum I walked over several metres and entered the stairwell and elevator area.  Just as my lift doors were about to close to go up, the one opposite me opened and I saw two really handsome well-suited guys about to get out. One a slick blonde and the other had longer darker hair. Up I went to visit Joanna, thinking well there was an opportunity to flirt or more; missed for a hot young woman like myself.

They say never visit unannounced. Of course, the virago wasn’t there. Probably out losing on the horses or a shady roulette wheel. Oh well; I left the carnations at J’s door; she might guess it was me. I had nothing on me with which to scrawl a

Date: September 20, 2021
Actors: stella cox