Asshole Canadian Alyssa Reece DP adventure with Kristof Cale


Asshole Those are the magic words he wanted to hear.  He exploded with so much force….I could feel the heat of his cum. Then he squirted 3-4 more times…..and then there were some aftershocks.  He motioned me to fall to side…..we lay there for many more minutes till his cock shrank and outpoured a lot of cum from my asshole.  We took a quick shower to cleanup.  He didn’t want his girlfriend smelling Asshole  cum on him…..well….and I had to all that cum had to come out.  We kissed in the shower again…..somehow I didn’t mind kissing Tim.  I think, he was kissing me like a guy would kiss a girl, which I enjoyed. I also gave Tim’s cock a few parting deep sucks.  I wish I could’ve sucked him again, but I don’t think there was anything left to be sucked out!

Asshole It was almost 10am by now.  We packed up.  Tim called his girlfriend to meet us at the Holiday Inn off of I-70 in Dayton about 11:30.  Drive was fun, we were both tired. We actually talked about what he was studying and the like during the drive.  We reminisced about the fun we had.  Both wondered how it sort of just happened..and that we will most likely never see each other again. He admitted that Asshole he has had sex with guys before….and always plays the top and only the top!  “I am glad of that, I needed a good fuck.”  We got there little after 11….she was not there yet.   We were still chatting when his girlfriend pulled up.  She thanked me for giving him a place to stay for the night.  “My pleasure!” I said and the two of them walked away to her car, he looked back once and winked.  There were no guys in distress at this hotel, so I took off to St. Louis.

Date: June 29, 2020