ass worship a la vecina despues de la fiesta cuando el marido se durmio


ass worship I was now ready to enter her. I was lying over her and were kissing and she caught my dick and guided it to her pussy. My dick just slipped inside as she was totally lubricated by that time but still, i could feel some tightness inside her pussy and as I entered her, she released a loud moan “ooooohhhhh”. I was slowly fucking her while smooching and kissing her over neck and boob and occasionally I would lick behind her earlobe and it was very arousing for her. She said her husband has never done that with her and she herself did not know that it is so ass worship much pleasurable. We were not having sex, we were making love.I increased my speed and started ramming her and she started making loud moans “aaah … ooohh .. fuck me rocky .. fuck me hard .. I am all yours .. I your slut… “. I continued to bang her at that speed and we both came at the same time. I discharged all my load inside her and was just laid over her. She hugged me and kissed my forehead and softly said thanks for making love to me. I looked at her, smiled and gave a peck on her lips. I slid to her side, and she hugged me and we both fell asleep. ass worship

ass worship I had a conference lined up at 11 next morning and she too had a meeting at 12. I woke up at around 7 and saw her lying naked next to me. She was looking like an angel, so beautiful and sexy. I kissed her and went to the washroom but since I was tired so decided to sleep for some more time. I set the alarm for 9 on my phone and went back to sleep.

ass worship My sleep got interrupted when I felt very aroused in my dream and when I open eyes I saw ramya giving me a blowjob. As I open my eyes she smiled and said good morning baby and again started sucking me. I had never been woken up like this before as I was feeling as if I am still dreaming. She was a pro in sucking I tell you. After sucking me for sometime, before I could cum, she came over me and we started smooching. I was still lying in the bed ass worship and she was the one who was taking lead this time. After kissing for some time, she brought her right boob close to my mouth and held it with her hand and offered me to suck it. I obliged and sucked it gently and slowly. After some time she offered me her left boob and I obeyed her command. She was in absolute command and I allowed her to play it her way.

Date: June 21, 2020