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Ass licking compilation Thanks to Google, I was able to find a hotel that fits the budget of a junior forensic accountant.

The hotel is a time capsule that was first opened during the ‘Roaring Twenties’ when the hip Charleston in the ‘speak-easies’ kept things going.

Booking a room with the hard of hearing clerk, who is as old as Methuselah, is an exercise in patience and the art of negotiating, but luckily it is the persistent who wins.

Ass licking compilation Euphoric because of my victory, I pull the suitcase into the elevator without paying attention to who is in the lift.

I press the button on the control panel to go to my floor. The elevator doors close with a scraping sound and after a hesitation the elevator starts to move with ominous noises.

Ass licking compilation The elevator creaks in all its joints and I get the feeling that it is about to quit. My nerves are put to the test by this relic of a lift.

I can hardly curb the swelling panic feelings and the prospect of a nasty fate that apparently awaits me.

The lift takes it a step further and regularly alternates the moaning with an icy sound and violent vibration.

Ass licking compilation I turn my attention back to the worn control panel and force myself to keep a close eye on the slowly rotating pointer, which indicates the floor number.

A scent of perfume penetrates my consciousness. I am amazed at how erotically I react to this fragrance that will forever be associated with a kiss from my past that I will never forget.

I slowly turn to find the source of the fragrance. A beautiful woman who is chic and clothed in a dress, which emphasises her waist and décolleté, looks at me with sensual eyes.

Ass licking compilation The Spanish beauty introduces herself as Sofia Perez.

The elevator jerks violently and then it is suddenly silent and we hang motionless above the abyss. 

Date: May 31, 2020