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Asian girl with bellman We have chatted frequently, and she did seem nice. I asked her if she wants to have sex with me. She said she has a daughter my age (25). We continued to chat for a month.

One day she seems very horny and asked me if I want to come and fuck her.

I have met and fucked a few women from here. But I always meet them first to see if we have a good connection. She sent me her address and asked me to come.

I took a shower, washed my dick, and started to her house. As I arrived, she came out of her home by wearing just a robe. As she opened the door, her dog sneaked out.
She asked me to catch her dog. I ran behind her dog and caught him. I love dogs btw.
She said thanks, and this is the first time I saw her in person.

Asian girl with bellman Me: (Thinking to myself) She doesn’t look like her profile pics.
She: Come inside

I went inside and realized someone else living in her house.

Me: Anyone lives with you?
She: Nope. I live with my daughter and her boyfriend (laughs).
Me: (Thinking to myself again) Well, that’s a lie. She mentioned she has her own place to live in our chats.

Asian girl with bellman She: Come to the basement. That’s where I live.

To this point, I met only the upper class/ upper-middle-class people.
So, this is awkward.

As I entered her basement, I experienced a weird smell.

Me: What is this smell?
She: (Ignored)

She: Do you know the age of Queen Elizabeth?
Me: I don’t know, I can Goo…

She: Did you watch the last season of GOT?

Me: I don’t watch that sh…
She: Come here and lay.

She keeps asking questions and skipping them in seconds.

Asian girl with bellman I was like; she seems very odd. I want to leave.

I laid on her bed. She brought some drink and offered me.

Me: Sorry, I don’t drink
She: Okay, no problem.

She got undressed and undressed me.

I’m lying on her bed with my big boner lol.

*All of sudden*
her daughter came to the basement

Asian girl with bellman Her daughter: Mom!!
At this point, we both are naked.

Her daughter saw us naked and

Date: August 31, 2020
Actors: maxim law