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Arab Young sister She was absolutely humiliated, distraught and confused. Why did he do this to her? How could he do something so foul, with no remorse or regard for her. She couldn’t believe it. The young man crouched down and held his phone aimed at the woman, pushing her hair aside to grant himself a better view of Mrs. Brooks. “What just happened?” he asked. “I…” “Tell the camera what you just did.” “I…I just…oh God…I just swallowed your…your…”

Arab Young sister “My?” Kevin said, expectantly. “Your piss,” muttered Margo. “I swallowed your piss…” “That’s right,” Kevin laughed. “You know what kind of people do that?” “N…no?” “Whores, Mrs. Brooks. Whores do that,” he laughed, as Margo began to cry even louder. Kevin, finished with his filthy deed, walked toward the shower-head and turned the water on. He took it in hand and aimed the hose at Margo,

Arab Young sister rinsing his urine from her body. She tried to shield herself, but Kevin took no chances and made sure every inch of her was rinsed off. When he was finally satisfied, he exited the room, leaving behind a sobbing, Kevin opened the door, seeing Margo sitting on her bed, brushing her hair. She wore her red satin nightgown, which hid her nudity but not her excellent figure. She looked at Kevin, confused for a second, then smiled. “Hi Kevin. Are…

Arab Young sister are you sleeping over?” “Yes. Steven had asked me to look in on you.” “That’s right, he did,” Margo said, feigning as if she remembered. Kevin knew for a fact she did not. “Can I get you anything, Mrs. Brooks?” he asked politely. “Could…could you get me something to drink? Like a tea or something? I have the worst taste in the back of my throat.” “Sure thing, Mrs. Brooks. I’ll be right back.”

Arab Young sister “You’re so sweet,” Margo said, smiling broadly. Kevin took his time to walk down, fighting the urge to laugh. It had been a few months since the accident that killed Mr. Brooks and left Margo in her current state, her short-term memory shattered, which left her unable to remember a thing once an hour or so had passed. And every time he witnessed her forgetting everything that had transpired, he’d be just as astonished as he was the first time around.

Date: March 15, 2019