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Arab Hot Movies He said “it sure is ok with me, I am sure he would not be able to resist your beauty and sexiness, we could do it in his office, bigger and much more space and privacy”

I said “Fine, are you going to call him in?”

He said “Just give me a minute, I will explain to him and get back to you with him”

Arab Hot Movies He left the office for no more than five minutes or so, came back hand in hand with another guy who was a little older, and more formal, he was dressed in a formal suit, Jiff, the first engineer said “Madam, this is John, my partner, and John please meet madam Lisa from…company”

A minute of silence before I started saying “John, nice meeting you, did Jeff explain the offer I am giving you both to get my company net line back in service immediately?”

He seemed embarrassed saying “kind of”

Arab Hot Movies I said “we will not waste time, if you both get to work immediately, as soon as my office calls me saying the net service is back life, you would both get the best blow job you have ever dreamed of and you would enjoy this in any way you both like, together of course” I lifted my skirt up, lifted my foot over the coffee table, I moved my panties aside and revealed my bare pussy to both of their pussy hungry eyes.

Jeff poured me a drink from his little fridge saying “have a seat mam, we will be back very soon”

Arab Hot Movies About 10 to 15 minutes later, both guys opened the office door when my phone rang, it was my boss saying, “Hello Lisa, a million thanks, the net line is back, what did you do to get it back that fast?”

I said, “I am glad it is I will explain details when I get back to the office” and I hung up.

Jeff looked at John saying “Let’s go to your office”

Date: August 16, 2021