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arab ass She knew that trying too hard to be inconspicuous will would be counterproductive. She was young and very attractive, and although she wore a sombre brown suit and white cotton blouse it was impossible to disguise her slender figure, her long shapely legs, elegant neck and alabaster skin. A brunette bob sculpted in voluptuous waves framed her pretty face, she had long eyelashes and red lips. Her legs were sheathed in flesh-toned silk stockings, a luxury for the times, and on her feet she wore brown slingback wedge-heels.

arab ass Knowing that she stood out from the throng of dowdy and downbeat women, she had devised a strategy to use her good looks to her advantage. Of course she was not the only attractive young woman on the train nor on the crowded platform; but they were few and far between.

arab ass She stood up as soon as the train came to a complete stop; she smoothed her skirt and straightened her jacket; she wanted to be in the middle of the crowd of disembarking passengers so that she would not be too prominent. She declined the young soldier’s offer to carry her small suitcase and stepped down from the carriage and strode confidently down the platform towards the exit. She knew that behaving furtively would only draw unwanted attention. She didn’t mind the approving glances that she received from many of the men; she just didn’t want anyone to be suspicious of her behaviour.

arab ass Major Klaus Keppel was a predator. He preyed on anyone trying to evade capture, or travelling illegally on the Deutsche Reichsbahn, the German National Railway. Those who raised his suspicion or who presented as timid enough to be manipulated or bullied by him were fair game. He particularly liked to intimidate and harangue the frail and the meek; but he especially liked to intimidate women and girls. Klaus Keppel would exhort anything of value for those he apprehended with promises of release from custody and safe passage. He would then hand the person over to ‘proper authorities’, which in most cases meant the Gestapo.

Date: September 19, 2020