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anime mom and son He turned around — rather, she turned around — to look at me. Glancing down my frame and back up to my face, she smiles and says, “I’m not doing anything Saturday night.”

Now I always like to flirt mildly with the staff because I can throw them off — too easily. It’s fun for both me and them. And sometimes, like in a restaurant, I can score a better table or an extra appetizer. But it’s rare when one, especially a young one, beats me at my own game.

Regaining my composure, I said, “No. Medjool dates.”

“Follow me.”

anime mom and son She leads me over to a display of berries that were in season, and pointed to the dates on the lower shelf. No signage — how could I have missed them? She smiles, and apologizes for her earlier comment, saying, “I have a habit of just speaking my mind.”

“Not an entirely bad quality.”

“But it gets me into trouble sometimes.”

anime mom and son She was cute. About five and a half tall. No discernible make-up, no manicured nails, a very wholesome face, with boyish clothes and personality to match. A tomboy. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a place in my heart for tomboys.

“Well I find it a welcome change from the stale personalities I often find working in retail.”

“Thanks. I’m Tommie.” she says extending her hand. With a name like that, she really is a tomboy!

Taking her hand, “I’m Dave.” I am charmed, and I think I hold her hand just a little too long.

She breaks the pause with a,”Hope to see you again.”

On the drive home, I’m thinking about her. Crazy. I’m more than twice her age. Just a harmless flirtation. And once home with my wife, it completely leaves my mind.

anime mom and son Some weeks later, I’m shopping again at the same store. “Dave!” I hear, as I’m browsing the cheeses.

“I thought you worked in produce, uh, …”

“Tommie. And we get to move around. I like that; learning new things.”

“Tommie, right. And learning is always a good thing. I mentor a group of university students, and I always love to find someone hungry to learn.”

Date: September 18, 2020