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analplay Even though I was divorced from Susan, I still wanted Lorie to have a good relationship with her mother. However, when Susan eventually told Lorie that her desire to sample other men had caused the rift, Lorie had a fit and, if they were face to face, I think it would have gotten physical. Lorie had not talked to her mother since she found out about the ‘hall pass’ proposal.

I begged Lorie not to shut her mother out of her life, telling her, “She’s still your mother, and has never stopped loving you. She raised you well and, apart from the recent problem, hasn’t done anything to harm you.”

analplay However, Lorie refused to do as I asked, and I hoped that, for her sake, she would not regret it one day.

Lorie would no longer talk to her mother, and had actually blocked her number.

When Susan’s mother found out about her daughter’s activities, she nearly had a stroke. She outright cussed Susan, and slapped her a couple of times too. I must confess that it was I who told her mother about Susan’s crazy request but, in my defense, she had called soon after Susan had walked out, and I needed to vent.

analplay Susan moved out of Kathy’s home not long after signing the divorce papers. Apparently, they weren’t getting along so well. I didn’t know the details and really didn’t care either.

I discovered that Susan had moved in with one of her fuck buddies, and that he wanted her to ‘entertain’ his friends. Susan was certainly the person for the job.

Maria and I were happily courting and, thankfully, Lorie liked her.

analplay Maria and Lorie’s first meeting was interesting. Rather rudely, I thought, Lorie walked up to Maria, looked her over, then looked at me and said, “I thought you preferred women with bigger tits.

Date: September 28, 2020
Actors: ashley adams