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Anal In Public  Then she put my dick in her mouth and gently started to suck it. It was heavenly. I still get a hard on just by thinking about it. The way she was doing it was amazing, she knew how to please a man. I had never experienced such a pleasure before. Ramya was doing it like a pro and seemed to be enjoying it too. She was doing it slowly but was sucking it hard and then would keep the tip of my dick in her mouth and suck it 2-3 times like a lollypop. Actually, i am Anal In Public  falling short of words to describe it. She continued for a while till I told her that I am about to cum and she stopped and said: “I don’t want to waste those precious sperms of yours, I want them inside me”. I said, “I want you to make me cum sweety, I want you to suck me dry”.

Anal In Public  She “no not this time baby. I need all of it inside me. Make me pregnant and I’ll do whatever u want. I’ll give you as many blowjobs as you want. Now come fuck me hard, I so want it inside me”.

Anal In Public  Me “patience baby patience. You’ll get what you want but let me first enjoy that hot body of yours”.

Anal In Public  I pulled her up, lifted her in my arms and took her to the bed. I removed her bra and felt her soft boobs. I started licking her nipples one by one and she again started to moan. I would softly take her nipple in my mouth and suck it like a baby. Pull it softly and occasionally would take the entire boob in my mouth and suck it hard and she would moan and say “sss aah..”. I loved that sound, that would make so horny. I would suck one nipple and play with the other with my hand. I could feel that she was again getting aroused. I sucked her boobs for good 10-15 mins till they became red. She definitely had much better boobs. They were of appt size and still firm and nipples were soft and silky. In between, she would roll over me and would bring her boob towards my mouth.

Date: June 21, 2020