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Anal Hot College Girl I must admit she too knew how to tease and that caught me. On hearing this I got wild and started sucking her boobs. One after the other sucking it wildly. She started pulling my head more towards her boobs. Then moved towards her belly and encircled with my tongue. She had a nice long stomach line mostly like these Bollywood actresses. Then I went to her feet and started sucking those too. I lifted her saree and inserted my head inside to meet her pussy.She had widened her legs to accommodate my head. All my teasing had lost control now and I was like a mad man feeling the wildness of a desi women. Did not know desi women could be sooooo hottttt. I wildly smooched her pussy lips. She thought I would start off slow but she was shocked and enjoying it. I kept smooching it.

Anal Hot College Girl “AAAAHHhhhhhhhhh…….. lick itttttttt…like that ….yeeeaahhhhhhhhhh……… MMMMmmmmmm yeahhhh”. She was out of control. I was scared she would not wake up the rest of the people. But still, I was onto her. I licked her pussy clean. Her juices were tasting like sweet. Her husband did not enjoy these juices I think. Because if he would have he would never leave her even for a minute. Then I came again to her lips and started smooching again. She had kept her thighs on my legs and our legs were entangled together making us closer to each other.

“I want to fuck you,” I said

Anal Hot College Girl “No. I have been married for only a week. My husband has the right to make me lose my virginity. I don’t know if my husband can satisfy me or not like you did but still I don’t want to get into trouble” she said

Anal Hot College Girl I understood her feelings and said ” No probs. I understand. At least I could teach you to kiss properly”.

The climate was turning cold and we both cuddled together.
I was lying there with her warmness against my body. We slept off then

But there was still one question in my mind. Where did this Mohan go during the night leaving her sexy wife here?
That question has an answer in my very next story
Thank you guys and girls for reading through and hope u feel satisfied.

Date: May 12, 2020