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amature sex tapes I woke in my new husband’s arms. My head on his strong chest, my body molded to his side. I felt like I was in utopia. He felt and smelled so good to me.

Up until just a few hours ago. I had never, ever, even thought of this man in a sexual way. But know I could not think of being without him sexually. He has consumed all my thoughts of passion. I would have never thought of making love to him. Or even kissing him with anything more than a peck on the lips. But now all I want to do is ravish his mouth with mine, and give myself to him.

I have loved my son with no more or less love than any other mother that exists. Then a sequence of events began to happen in a way so unexpected that I found myself naked under my naked son wanting him in a way that I never thought possible.

I had heard of women that had seduced their sons. I always thought it sick and disgusting. amature sex tapes But now, all I could think is how I waisted two years of not making love to him. I never wanted to think that there would be a day ahead of us that I wouldn’t want to make love to him. I want to make him happy.

amature sex tapes I never ever thought this way while I was married to my ex-husband Erick. The cheating scum. I hope he is happy with his big boobed, whore-secretary.

I started feeling better as I looked at my new wedding ring on my left hand. I had worn one amature sex tapes for almost twenty years and only took it off less than a week ago. But now I had a new one. I loved this one more than the first, even though I know it cost much less. It was a simple white gold band. Nothing special except. I can still remember when the captain asked. “Do you have the rings?” I had completely forgotten about the rings. I was about to feel humiliated that I had done such a foolish thing.

amature sex tapes But then on a day so full of surprises. Roy did it again and held up two rings. He handed me one and he put the other one on my finger.

amature sex tapes I can remember the day filled with joy as my son had presented me with my wedding bouquet, two necklaces. One he lent me, and a new one with a huge Ruby on it. Then he gave me my broach that I had drooled over for over two years, as I began to cry form all the overwhelming joy of the day, he had me presented with a hanky to wipe my tears and something blue. I remember the comments he made to the stylist that they shared with me. Then he had a man help me down the aisle.

Date: October 5, 2020